Angama Mara

Tomáš Safarik

Private Consultant
"A highly luxurious lodge in the Masai Mara. Extremely comfortable and great for honeymoon romance, or as your first time on safari. Less appealing for safari purists wanting a more wildlife focused experience."

Stay at the Angama Mara

A tented villa at Angama Mara

Grass. Rolling on and on and on. In every direction. Wildebeest roam in the distance. Elephants populate the horizon. The famous Mara grasslands are beneath your feet, at this uber-luxury lodge high above the plains. Quite simply, this is the most comfortable place to stay in the heart of the Masai Mara, featuring glass-fronted tents that feel like private apartments in the wild. Comfort levels are beyond what most people expect to be possible on safari, from the infinity pool to private butler service, fully stocked in-room bar to free-standing baths with golden taps.


In one sense the location is perfect. The lodge has an isolated location, on the rim of an escarpment, overlooking the Mara Triangle. Nowhere else in the Masai Mara commands such impressive views and it’s really worth keeping the curtains open for sunrise. However, not much wildlife treks up here, which could be a disappointment to some. Angama Mara has its own airstrip, which is a one-hour flight from Nairobi.


Angama Mara is split into two 15-suite camps, which preserves the intimate feel and maintains a high degree of privacy. Each has the same layout and facilities, including the infinity pool. Suites are like apartments, with floor-to-ceiling windows ensuring a prime view from your bed. The other walls and ceiling are made from canvas, but you can’t classify Angama Mara as a camp. Rooms are packed with decadent touches and have a private wooden deck with the endless Masai Mara view.

Who is it for

Angama Mara is in the top echelons of safari accommodation. The service, cuisine, suites and flexible programs make it ideal for luxury lovers, especially honeymooners wanting quiet time and privacy. However, we don’t recommend it for safari purists. Despite the spectacular views, you can feel a little removed from the surrounding wildlife, so if you want zebra herds around your tent then stay elsewhere.

Amenities & Activities

Unlike most Mara camps, the safari program is flexible and customisable to each guest. So you can stay in bed and do a game drive a little later, or choose for a long day driving in the national reserve nearby. It’s a good location for doing the famous Mara balloon ride, plus you can do walks with Masai warriors in the surrounding area.

Do you like Angama Mara?

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