Bisate Lodge

Tomáš Safarik

Private Consultant
"Perfect if you’re into sustainability, conservation and exploring Africa free of colonial influence. This is 100% Rwanda, a wonderful gorilla trekking base that you’ll always remember."

Stay at the Bisate Lodge

Amid the mist you stop and stare. This is the home of gorillas. But you’re taken aback by something else. Six forest villas in the style of Nyanza kings, sprawling among the trees in an eroded volcano. This is Africa. Not colonial Africa, but Africa preserving its unique style and wildlife. It feels so authentic, so pure, so welcoming.No other lodge in the world has this remarkable and unique design. The conservation and sustainability initiatives are among the best in Africa. So gazing out to a volcano you picture tomorrow’s gorilla trekking. And you picture returning to Bisate Lodge. For this feels like a home in the realm of mountain gorillas.


Out in the wild and operated by Wilderness, Bisate Lodge is 20 minutes from the gorilla trekking trailhead. It feels extremely remote and the views are magical. We love the community feel here and how local staff make it seem you have a new home in the rainforest.


With their thatched rooftops and walls inspired by weaver bird nests, the forest villas are designed like the old Nyanza King’s Palace. The interiors are modern, but definitely more towards African style rather than Western design. It’s all very spacious and very unique, plus it’s very intimate as the lodge only takes 12 guests at once.

Who is it for

This is a high-end lodge creating a very seamless connection with Rwanda’s nature and culture. For something flashy and brand new go elsewhere. For something completely Rwandan stay here.

Amenities & Activities

Gorilla trekking is the obvious reason to be here. All the staff are from the local community and guests often make personal connections, with people who have lived alongside gorillas their entire lives. Stay longer and you can do the golden monkey trekking as well.

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