Explore Cousin, Curieuse & St Pierre Islands


A trio of island sanctuaries request your presence imminently. Explore the sounds and rich colours that grace these vibrant shores, in the company of local experts. Equipped with a wealth of knowledge and insightful wildlife facts, let them take you through the stories and legends tucked within these soft, gold banks.

The day begins in Praslin, where you will come aboard your private yacht. However, you can also opt to depart from Mahe, should the harbour of Baie St-Anne not entirely suit. The size and type of cruiser, too, will depend on preference. The customisable quality of the tour means you can confide all needs.

Picture spectacular ocean vistas no matter which way you turn, and a fresh breeze that carries the true taste of summer. As you roam through glorious Cousin, your native guide spots rare birds. Then, island hop to Curieuse, where exotic marine life and mangrove swamps lay hidden. A divine beach lunch alongside giant tortoises follows, before you set sail once again for the quaint islet of St Pierre.

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