Praslin Island Exploration

The preserved beauty of Praslin invites you in for a tropical rendezvous. This is the Seychelles’ second largest island, and comes with the bustle as well as the peace. Verdant landscapes and ocean views combine, on this tailor-made itinerary created just for you.

From Mahe, you can add a transfer by private helicopter and revel in the iconic panoramic vistas it reaps. Alternative transport includes private boats and domestic seaplanes, each of which offer their own thrill. And if you’re staying on a completely different island, fear not. A bespoke voyage can still be organised, letting you truly maximise the trip.

Upon your arrival, the series of sites Praslin has in store unravel gloriously. From cultivating black pearls at the only oyster farm across the Indian Ocean, to wandering through the forgotten world of Vallée de Mai nature reserve, this is a multifaceted exploration comprising exquisite highlights. Encounter exotic species such as the tiger chameleon. Indulge in a delectable 3-course lunch. Spa treatments and golf at the Lemuria Resort also on the cards.