An intimate full-service lodge for exploring Lake Titicaca, with amazing activities and a sense of remote adventure, but rooms a little on the small side. Good for explorers.

Stay at Titilaka

Mirrored reflections of blue skies. A quiet morning on the lakeside. Breathe in the rarified air of 3800 metres and inhale the tranquillity. If you want to escape you’ve come to the right place. So hideaway and wrap yourself in the Peruvian Altiplano. When you’re ready it’s time to explore. By kayak, by boat, on foot or horseback. To visit indigenous communities and wildlife, or simply discover the landscapes. Titilaka is a blissful five-star lodge on Lake Titicaca where you can have a very different type of holiday. Everything is included, from the ceviche and wine to the activities. So don’t think too much. Just slip into this surreal world.


Wonderfully isolated or simply in the middle of nowhere. That depends on your viewpoint. It’s not particularly convenient, just over an hour from Juliaca Airport, but if you want peace and quiet you’ll find a lifetime of it here. Titilaka is situated on Lake Titicaca and is perfect for boat excursions.


Titilaka balances a youthful design with local tradition but really, everything is about the high ceilings and lake views. Rooms are spread across two floors and are quite small, especially given the remote location. You won’t have a completely private stay here either, as all guests are in the same building. We’d have preferred the suites to be spread over a larger area. Corner rooms are best as they’re bigger and have a view of both sunrise and sunset.

Who is it for

Great for families as there’s so much to do for all ages. A nice choice for couples, although don’t expect real privacy or romance. This is more of an explorer destination and you must come with an adventurous spirit.

What to do

We love the activities at Titilaka and that almost all possible excursions are included in a stay. Like boat rides to lake islands and small communities, bird trips, kayaking, hiking, specific activities for children and a lot more organised by your guides on a day to day basis. The gastronomy is fantastic as well, certainly not the typical buffet, with ceviche from fish farmed out of the lake, a wide-ranging wine list and many regional specialities.

Do you like Titilaka?

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