Monasterio, A Belmond Hotel, Cusco

One of the world’s best historical hotels, an enchanting Incan palace turned colonial seminary and then Cusco’s first genuine five-star hotel. Magical and old, paradise for living the past.

Stay at Monasterio

History envelops you in Monasterio. It speaks of Incan legend, from a time when this was an Incan palace. Arcaded walkways narrate colonial heritage, from the time of a 16th-century seminary. It’s like you’re sleeping in a living, breathing museum. Candlelit courtyards, original stone masonry, a baroque chapel and that’s just the start, as you explore this vast monastery turned hotel. It was the first truly high-end hotel in Cusco and it remains a magical place to be, especially with the modern Belmond touch.


The very heart of Cusco, easy walking distance to the main historic sights and most of the city’s best restaurants. The Monasterio is a landmark building in a landmark city, the kind of place that non-guests want to visit just so they can stroll the grounds.


As impressive as any palace hotel in Europe, as historic as any hotel in the world. And that’s just the architecture. Now add in the art collection and marble bathrooms. Hardly anything is new or modern and the historical atmosphere could be a little over the top for some. In total there are 122 rooms and it feels like a large hotel, even if the service is exemplary. Cusco stands at almost 4000 metres above sea level and many people suffer from the effects of thin air, especially when they fly in from Lima. This hotel’s rooms can be enriched with oxygen, which may be the feature that saves your first day or two in the old Incan capital.

Who is it for

Anyone interested in a historical immersion. While the style feels grown up, Belmond does a great job at arranging activities for children. No spa or pool, so if this is a factor choose Palacio Nazarenas instead. Non-hotel guests come here just to admire the building, so not an overly romantic or exclusive spot.

What to do

This is a protected building so modern amenities like a spa or swimming pool are simply not possible. Belmond Hotel Monasterio does have two exceptional restaurants and a bar with the best pisco sours in Cusco. You’re exploring just by staying here and you have the best of the Incan capital surrounding your hotel.

Do you like Monasterio?

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