Exhilarating Cliff Hike at Caminito del Rey


Challenge yourself on an exhilarating trail, as you hike the charismatic cliffs of Caminito del Rey. A beautiful nature reserve in the midst of the Malaga Mountains, these steep stone walls are daring and high. Pass rivers, reservoirs and canyons as you climb, taking in an abundance of flora and fauna never too exotic for your local guide to identify.

The hike begins in southern Malaga, from the charmingly small village of El Chorro. Renamed Caminito del Rey, or ‘The King’s Little Path’, after Alfonso XIII completed the route back in 1921, the trail itself is about 7 kilometers and on it there is much to adore.

Elevated 100 meters above the River Guadalhorce, the boardwalk overlooks the rush of illuminated waters below. Rustic wooden paths blend effortlessly, with jagged edges that extend to the skies. Ahead, the diverse landscapes of the island transgress. Expect scenic backdrops in every direction. Enjoy peaceful vistas at a pace that suits you.

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