Can You Do Chill-out in Ibiza?

Nostradamus famously said that Ibiza will be the final refuge on earth. Does a refuge involves pounding electronic music and clubbing for 24 hours without pause?

For decades, the white Balearic island has been Europe’s most famous place to party. Beyond the clubs two-day sessions, Ibiza is always a beautiful and mystical island. And now finally there’s a hotel that can reflect Nostradamus’s prediction – Six Senses Ibiza.

This is not the typical Ibiza party. Ready for something different on the White Isle?

Ibiza Is More Than a Party

Six Senses hotels are all about serenity, spa, remote locations and calm. Like Six Senses Laamu in the Maldives and Six Senses Kaplankaya Resort in Bodrum, Turkey. But Ibiza? This is the island to party. Just remember that Ibiza’s party scene started with open-air parties in spectacular locations.

Six Senses Ibiza is where you can detox and rejuvenate, and discover the hidden face of this beautiful island. Here you will unwind and take in the serenity of nature.

Snorkel in clear waters. Hike hidden paths. Feast your eyes on peaceful sunsets. Explore remote pebbled beaches. Ibiza is great for explorers who are prepared to look beyond their preconceptions.

Ibiza has always been about the outdoors. From partying to more serene places.

A Romantic Refuge for Couples – Six Senses Ibiza

On the cliffs of Cala Xarraca Bay, on Ibiza’s tranquil northern shore, Six Senses Ibiza opened to guests in July 2021. Just last week it opened for the 2022 season.

Like all Six Senses properties, the spa is a destination in its own right. Hammam, steam room, cryotherapy chamber, alchemy bar, sound healing sessions – this is a very new side to Ibiza.

Just over 100 rooms are slung across the property and it really doesn’t get cooler than the cave suites, especially the Cave Royal. Hot tub, wet bar, grand piano, even a door leading to a professional recording studio!

Come here to unwind, not for crazy late nights.

There’s a heated infinity pool looking over Cala Xarraca and there’s so much space. It’s an Ibiza holiday where you bring hiking boots instead of dancing shoes, as there’s so much to explore up here.

Rooms connect you with nature and are as tranquil as the Mediterranean in summer. Interested?

Need a relaxing beach holiday?

Classic Music in Ibiza?

You probably won’t be dancing but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any music. Six Senses Ibiza are hosting Ibiza’s first ever classical music festival, April 20 – 26th 2022. Think of the Verbier Festival Orchestra performing Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro and a superstar violinist, not a superstar DJ.

Six Senses Ibiza has some spectacular locations for relaxed outdoor fun. Ready to see a different side to Ibiza?

What’s really nice is that guests and artists all stay on the property, so it’s set to be a very intimate musical experience, blurring the boundaries between performers and listeners.

Your Holiday in Ibiza

We love Six Senses Ibiza for different Ibiza holidays. When you come to Ibiza to party you need a holiday after your holiday. So some nights in the north can provide the detox after all the hedonism.

Is this your next spa destination?

The Ibiza party season is only from June to September anyway. The island is incredible outside these peak summer months, but most good hotels are closed. Six Senses Ibiza means you can explore the White Isle in the off season.

And what excuse do you need to take your beach holiday on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean, at a brand new spa hotel from the Six Senses?

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