Europe’s Amazing Under-the-Radar Destinations

Where are you holidaying this summer? Is it booked?

Travel is most definitely back. The demand for summer European trips is unprecedented.

There’s hardly a five-star hotel room left in iconic destinations like the Amalfi Coast. Don’t worry, Europe has so much to offer. And many amazing destinations still go under the radar.

Do you want to be ahead of the trends? And holiday away from the crowds? Then consider these under-the-radar destinations. And whisper it quietly, these amazing places will also give you more for your money.

Thinking Croatia…what about Montenegro?

In Montenegro, Europe’s trendiest new superyacht harbour awaits. Will you go?

Wow…what a coastline! Croatia is rightfully popular for its incredible Adriatic waters, small beaches and coastal towns. Simply stunning.

Follow that coastline a little further, just 30 minutes past Dubrovnik, and you’re in Montenegro. Croatia has islands, Montenegro offers inland bays and mountain backdrops. It was number 1 on this list of 2022’s most trending destinations.

Bathroom in a one-bedroom villa at One&Only Portonovi

Whereas Croatia is mostly focused on mass tourism, like campsites and budget hotels. Montenegro is all about a new collection of five-star hotels, including the Chedi Muscat, One&Only Portonovi and Nikki Beach for the party crowd. And it has Europe’s hottest new superyacht harbours as well.

Think Spain is all about Barcelona… how about Basque?

That’s not Barcelona. It’s San Sebastian in Basque.

Gaudi. Golden beaches. Vibrant streets. Barcelona was Europe’s hottest destination…in the early 90s. It’s still cool, but the independent spirit isn’t what it once was.

That’s not so in Basque, a region split across northern Spain and southern France. You’ll find unique modernist architecture, dazzling beaches, Europe’s best food scene and a quirky, independent style.

Basque is in Spain and France. And almost all the coastline looks as good as this.

San Sebastian is a glamorous beachside town. Bilbao brings bustling city vibes. Then you’ll find small gems all along the coastline. It’s a region where virtually everything is boutique, also a region for a classic beach holiday with your kids.

Island hopping holiday in Europe…Don’t just think Greece, how about the Azores?

This island in the Azores is in Europe, surprisingly close to home.

Greece is the quintessential island hopping destination. We love it. Here are two superyachts for a summer cruise around the Aegean Sea.

It’s popular because you combine pristine waters with diverse islands, beneath the sultry summer sun. Which is also true of the Azores, Portuguese islands out in the Atlantic Ocean. In Greece you share the waters with other boats. In the Azores you share the space with whales and dolphins. Trust us, these islands are just as beautiful as Greece.

Not the classic beach holiday, but there’s so much space for you here.

Everyone seems to be searching for the “undiscovered” islands in Greece, a country that receives over 30 million tourists a year. The Azores see less than 1 million – everywhere feels “undiscovered.”

Think Italy…then think Sicily or Puglia

Do you know about Sicily’s Aeolian Islands?

Italy is an unbeatable destination. Not because of Venice, Tuscany or Rome. Because of its remarkable variety. Sure, you’re guaranteed amazing food and interesting culture everywhere. But you can return to Italy every year for a lifetime and find somewhere new.

So why not focus on the places you don’t know. Sicily will be one of the top trending destinations of 2022. Puglia is Europe’s hottest new destination.

This is Torre Sant’ Andrea, Salento coast, Puglia

It’s Italy, so also expect amazing five-star hotels in these under the radar destinations. Like Rocco Forte Verdura Resort, Borgo Egnazia and Villa Sant’Andrea.

Want something completely different this summer?

Where are the Faroe Islands? Chances are none of your friends know – it’s one seriously cool island group in Europe.

Are your friends going to the same old places this summer? To come back with the same stories. Want to be the one with something new to share?

  • Try the Egadi Islands, where wild landscapes and remote beaches meet with old-world Sicilian culture.
  • Consider Guernsey for an active family adventure, full of water sports, rock climbing and beaches without footprints.
  • Although it’s now well known, Porto is still hugely underrated. Use it as a base for a beach holiday, a spa trip, wine tasting, and exploring the whole of north Portugal.
  • Bodrum in Turkey is only unknown because of limited direct flight connections. For a choice of exceptional five-star beach resorts there’s nowhere better in Europe.
  • A mysterious archipelago, close to home, perfect for adventure. Visit the Faroe Islands soon, before somebody else you know discovers it.

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