Sensational Lake District Private Excursion


Painted right into the heart of Austria, the Salzkammergut region is as stunning as it is pristine. Home to a total of 76 reservoirs, these landscapes combine the very best of nature. They also hold historic secrets waiting to be told.

Your full day excursion will last 8 hours, with Fuschl Lake comprising the first stop. This is the site where former Prince Archbishops used to partake in the royal hunt. Take a tour of the nearby castle, later owned by the ruling Habsburg line. The captivating drive continues to the remarkable Lake Wolfgang next, where the famed composer’s mother was born.

But that’s not all your local guide has in store, as he leads you to St. Wolfgang, an ancient pilgrim town that dates back a thousand years. Finally, the beauty of Lake Mondsee unravels before you like something from a dream. No matter which way you turn, vivid colours follow. Enjoy a traditional lunch on the way back to Salzburg amid this paradise scene.

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