Mallorca Mountain Hike with Scenic Picnic

Discover the lush folds of Mallorca’s highest mountain range, on a hike through unspoiled hills and lunar-like slopes. Rugged paths lead onto green fields that open gloriously. Take in a horizon dotted with villages and a skyline adorned by ancient white stone.

This is a trek across the picturesque Serra de Tramuntana terrain, where you can amend your adventure to the level of difficulty that suits. Choose from a pool of exciting and challenging trails, or a more leisurely stroll along the coast. Give into authentic exploration, in the company of a local guide. Your native comrade is an expert in the field of natural history.

Listen as he shares insight into the region’s flora and fauna. Together, wander diverse landscapes and dramatic cliffs overlooking the sea, before indulging in a scenic picnic. Lunch is filled with island specialties and distinct flavours. Savour the fresh country air, the scent of tropical flowers and a shimmering shoreline backdrop full of glee.

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