Volcano & Mt. Teide Private Tour

High up in Tenerife, you will come to the white-walled, clay-roofed town of Vilaflor. Here you will discover barraquito, a local drink made of coffee, milk, liquor, lemon and cinnamon. Next, your guide will introduce you to the Pino Gordo — a huge pine tree, tall and broad, that has been here for centuries and is the oldest living tree in the Canaries.

Then, you will drive on Teide National Park, and the volcano itself. The immense crater offers an imposing landscape, where you feel the untamable power of nature. Your guide will tell you all you want to know about the history, geology and legends connected with El Teide.

You can customize this tour according to your preferences. You can do the 2-hour hike to the summit of El Teide, or else take the cable car that goes nearly all the way to the top. You can also choose to hike in the Chinyero Reserve before returning to your hotel.

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