6 Hottest Long-Weekend Trip Ideas for Summer 2022

Summer is coming and it’s time to explore Europe. Where are you going?

And we don’t mean your long summer holiday. We’re talking about your long weekend trips away. Truly, you can never have too many holidays.

Here are just six long-weekend trip ideas to get you going this summer.

Porto & The Douro Valley

Porto, so much riverside colour and charm.

Combine a colourful and quirky city with spa relaxation and wine tasting.


Twice weekly flights from Prague to Porto.


Six Senses Douro Valley is the best hotel in northern Portugal.

Excellent service, elegant rooms and can’t be beaten views. This is a decidedly chilled out, peaceful kind of place.

One of our favourite ever hotels – Six Senses Douro Valley.


Cruise the Douro River in a traditional rabelo boat, visit traditional wineries and villages, and explore Porto’s ancient street art.


Koounoupi Beach, in a region with 4500 years of history.

Uncover Ancient Greece and spectacular sandy beaches in this underrated region near Athens.


Daily flights Prague to Athens then a two-hour road transfer. Or fly by private jet to Kalamata.


Amanzoe is a tranquil oasis that delights in its remote and romantic location.

When it comes to Greek luxury, Amanzoe is top.

Amanzoe – probably the highest level of luxury you’ll find in Greece


Explore ancient Corinth, uncover Messinian wine making, find the original Olympia, unearth 4500 years of history then relax on a deserted beach.


Saint Emilion in Bordeaux

An authentic escape amid the vineyards, plus the largest UNESCO protected city in the world.


Fly by private jet to Bordeaux Airport. Another French long weekend idea is to visit Champagne.


If you love wine then you can’t beat Hotel de Pavie, a converted ancient convent in the heart of Saint Emilion.

We love Hotel de Pavie for its dedication to wine, food and its long, fascinating history. An elegant choice for couples looking to unplug from our busy world.

Hotel de Pavie is an escape in a quietly urban oasis.


Renaissance palaces, medieval villages, Cognac, oysters, Atlantic sand dunes…there are surprises galore among all the vineyards. And of course you’re going to drink a lot of wine.


Sicily holds so many secrets

A weekend of summer sun, fantastic food and a distinctive way of life. It’s number 2 in this list of 2022’s trending destinations.


Fly direct to Catania and one of Europe’s best hotels is just up the road in Taormina.


The beachfront Villa Sant’Andrea is exceptional, but for a long weekend we prefer Grand Hotel Timeo in Taormina.

For over a century the Timeo has played host to artistic and literary loyalty, drawn by the hotel’s miraculous setting. One of Italy’s finest, for sure.


2500 years ago Plato remarked that “Sicilians build things like they will live forever and eat like they will die tomorrow.” So indulge on food and history, including the baroque towns.

Bavarian Alps

Solitude and silence, close to home.

Escape to the mountains this summer, for some superlative downtime.


For this long weekend trip you can drive. And it’s a beautiful drive into the forested mountains.


Kempinski Berchtesgaden is a warm and welcoming place in the heart of nature, a mix of five-star luxury and Bavarian style. An ideal stop close to home.


First a spa treatment. Then the mountains, either walking or biking in nature. Silence. Oh it’s so serene up here, the Bavarian Alps proving you don’t need a beach to do nothing.


Mallorca is not only Magaluf and mass tourism. The best stuff is kept well hidden.

The Spanish Balearic island isn’t just mass tourism and debauchery. Beyond Magaluf there’s a spectacular isle to discover.


Direct flights to Palma de Mallorca from Prague and many European airports.


La Residencia is the best hotel in Mallorca and it’s hard to leave its beautiful grounds, halfway between the mountains and sea.

All the 72 rooms and suites are individually decorated and the hotel grants all special requests with a certain flair.

An exceptional hotel, hidden from view, on a different side of Mallorca.


A great base for hiking, cycling, spa days and sightseeing. This is a hidden side to Mallorca and you’ll wonder why it’s not been discovered before.

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