Europe’s Cosiest Summer Retreat?

We’ve been in love with Arnaud Zannier’s hotels since we discovered Zannier Phum Baitang in Cambodia. Recently we’ve rediscovered his first property, Zannier Le Chalet in Megève, beneath Mont Blanc. It’s typically a winter ski property, but we’re so excited to see it open for the 2022 summer season.

And in 2022 it might be Europe’s cosiest summer retreat.

Escape the crowds. Explore the mountains…in summer.

Exploring Arnaud Zannier’s Hotels

In Cambodia, Arnaud Zannier designed free-standing villas based on traditional Khmer stilted farmhouses. Then we were amazed by his two properties in Namibia, Zannier Hotels Omaanda and Zannier Hotels Sonop. Last year we were blown away by Zannier Bãi San Hô in Vietnam.

Zannier Bai San Ho, the hottest new property in Asia.

Zannier has this incredible ability to build contemporary five-star properties, from local architectural principles.

They’re always spacious, serene, and remarkably stylish, without ever following the hot trends. These hotels are just different.

Zannier Phum Baitang in Cambodia

Want to Stay at the World's Most Stylish Hotels?

Introducing Zannier Hotels Le Chalet in Megève

High in the French Alps, an hour’s drive from Geneva, Le Chalet is sold out throughout the winter season. 2022 will be its first ever summer season.

With just 12 rooms, this is a very intimate and boutique hotel, a modern celebration of local alpine architecture. We especially like the four suites, with the 140 sqm duplex ideal for up to six people.

A cosy getaway for summer romance. What do you think?

Our private consultant Tomáš Safarik describes it perfectly:

“When I think of Le Chalet Zannier, I think of privacy. Indulgence. And above all, coziness. It’s a shut the door and forget about the outside world kind of place, perfect if you’re looking for some serious down time in simple but luxurious surroundings.”

A Very Private and Stylish Summer Retreat

During summer the indoor pool and spa will be closed. Breakfast will be served on a terrace overlooking the village of Megève. But the restaurant will not open for lunch and dinner. So why go?

Road near Megeve. The high mountains of Haute Savoie near Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. Ready to explore?

Firstly, it’s very private, both the hotel itself and its surroundings. If you want some romantic downtime or a quiet base as a family, this is the place.

Secondly, why should the Mont Blanc region only be for skiing? The very same mountains are heaven for summer hiking. Plus horseback riding, canyoning, ultra-light flying, hot air balloon rides, biking and more. Here you can get lost in the mountains, far away from Europe’s inevitably crowded summer beach resorts.

Perfect for two? Will you choose the mountains over the beach?

Thirdly, Megève retains its charms in summer. The art galleries and designer stores are still open. Gourmet restaurants and the famous three Michelin-starred restaurant serve their summer menus.

Ready to Explore?

Where will you explore this summer? Why not a mountain retreat, attuned to relaxation, exhilaration and the tastes of French terroir, in the heart of a cinematic alpine village?

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