21 Amazing & Different Honeymoon Ideas

You won’t find any white sand on this list. But surely you don’t want to honeymoon in the same place as everyone else?

1. The “We Went Nowhere” – Origins Lodge, Costa Rica

The most remote luxury ecolodge in the country that created remote luxury ecolodges. Embrace the feeling of freedom when you honeymoon in the middle of nowhere.

2. The Next Level Traditional – Hotel de Crillon, Paris

Paris in style at the Rosewood Hotel de Crillon. Book a 335 sqm Les Grandes Apartment designed by Karl Lagerfield and don’t go out for three days.

3. The Honeymoon You Share With Others – Wildebeest Migration, Tanzania

You’re never alone when 2 million wild animals are marching across the Serengeti grasslands. Get a mobile camp that moves with the herds and fall asleep to lions roaring.

4. The Luxury Train – Venice Simplon Orient-Express

Book yourself a grand suite on the most luxurious train of all. Now with three departures from London to Prague in 2023 – 2nd May, 28th September and 18th October.

5. The We’re Hot Right Now – Montenegro

Europe’s next jet-set destination, the summer beach place to party and also find privacy. Did you know One&Only opened their first European hotel here, in Montenegro.

6. The Arctic Dream – Snowhotel Kirkenes

As remote and north as you can go in Scandinavia. Ride a dogsled across a white wonderland, hide away in an isolated wooden cabin and feast on the Northern Lights.

7. The Quintessential Romance – Tuscany

It’s not cliche, Tuscany is wonderful. Walk hand in hand through vineyards, go truffle hunting, explore cobbled towns, stay at exclusive country estates.

8. The “You Only Live Once” – White Desert, Antarctica

Want a Unique Honeymoon?

Don’t get seasick on a boat. Fly to Antarctica by Gulfstream G550 and spend a week with penguins, glaciers, unclimbed mountains and Champagne that’s really on ice.

9. The Nobody Knows We’re Here – Museum Cave Hotel, Cappadocia

Hide away underground, in a cave hotel with Relais & Chateaux dining and in-room jacuzzis. Then float away at sunrise on a hot air balloon above Cappadocia.

10. The Monkeying Around – Rwanda

Come face to face with wild mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and many different monkeys. And take your pick from the world’s most exciting collection of new lodges.

11. The Palace for Your Queen – Airelles Chateau to Versailles

Live out your Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI fantasies at this new boutique hotel inside Versailles. Not the guillotine part, the opulent 18th-century royal living.

12. The Big Game Paradise – Linyanti Reserve, Botswana

Walk hand in hand through elephant country, face up to lions and ride a small mokoro canoe past hippos. Linyanti is the most romantic wild place in Africa.

13. The Wellness Retreat – Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal

A tranquil hideaway of forest paths, secret tunnels and one of Europe’s best spas. Next to a lot of vineyards. Here you can detox and rest, while still drinking a lot of amazing wine.

14. The Tropical Cruise – Galapagos Islands

Yachting around Caribbean beaches? Boring! Okay, maybe not that boring. But how about a cruise around the Galapagos islands, to swim with sea lions, walk with tortoises, dive with sharks and dance with boobies.

15. The Foodies Delight – Iceland

Because even the best restaurants aren’t private enough, go dine inside a lava cave. Or have a Champagne lobster breakfast on a glacier. Only in Iceland.

16. The Nobody Can See Us – Treehotel MirrorCube, Sweden

Everyone’s looking at you, but nobody can see in. So get naked and marvel at the experience from inside the MirrorCube. Here’s more treehouse inspiration. 

17. The Bling & The Beach – Dubai & Six Senses Zighy Bay

When only the highest, flashiest and newest will do, fly to Dubai. Then after your opulent city experience, go three hours north to the solitude of Six Senses Zighy Bay, a beach hideaway in neighbouring Oman.

18. The Underwater Suite – Manta Resort, Zanzibar

Why settle for an overwater villa when you can also be under the water? Sleep with the fishes and sharks at Manta Resort or other unique underwater suites.

19. The “Nobody Came Here Before Us” – Mongolia

Walk, drive and ride through the vastest of open spaces. Sure, a traditional ger is not everybody’s idea of a honeymoon pad, but the private adventure is unrivalled.

20. The Ultimate Cork Popper – Champagne

Every honeymoon needs Champagne. So go drink it in Champagne, at boutique cellars and among the vineyards.

21. The Best Beaches in the World – Mexico

Did we just let a secret slip? Mexico is the destination if you want to wow your friends with photos of a paradise they don’t know. Will you choose the Pacific Ocean or Caribbean?

Your Honeymoon?

So… what did we miss from our list? And what’s the dream honeymoon you want us to arrange for you?

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