DumaTau Camp

Spectacular off-the-beaten-path safari luxury. Wilderness Safaris delivers exceptional comfort in the heart of big-game Africa, at this new seven-suite camp in the Linyanti. DumaTau and sister camp Little DumaTau really raise the bar in Botswana.

Stay at DumaTau Camp

Elephants splash in the Osprey Lagoon. Dozens of them. Hundreds of them. Watch them frolick from your private plunge pool. Now lounge around your 142 square metre tented suite, immersed in the wildlife world. It’s safe and you’re so close to everything, the sounds, smells and sights of the Linyanti, one of Africa’s most exclusive reserves for lots of big game. Spend an hour in the spa and remind yourself you’re enjoying a spa in lion country. And now get ready to explore, because DumaTau is not only a decadent five-star hotel in the wilderness, it’s a premium base for safari adventure.


Linyanti is one of our favourite African safari destinations, a private reserve with a remarkable concentration of big animals. To see thousands of elephants is not unusual here and Linyanti’s varied habitats mean close-up encounters with big cats and unusual animals as well. DumaTau overlooks a lagoon where many animals congregate, yet you don’t have the safari crowds of nearby Chobe. It’s a camp with 45 kilometres of prime riverfront landscape all to itself.


Wilderness Safaris did a complete rebuild of the camp and reopened DumaTau in 2022. The suites are enormous and stay true to the safari style with their canvas walls. Then they’ve added private pools, outdoor showers and lounge areas - the level of comfort here is remarkable. Nearby is the new Little DumaTau sister camp, with only four suites of a similar quality.

Who is it for

Botswana has many top safari camps but DumaTau is really at the pinnacle of what’s on offer. Our only complaint is that the game drives are shared with other guests unless you book a private vehicle. Children aged over six are welcomed provided you pay for the private safari vehicle. Overall, it’s a camp for people who want top levels of luxury and a great wildlife experience.

Facilities & activities

Of course the safari is incredible here, it’s the Linyanti. Nighttime drives and the opportunity for game walks add new impressions to the daily game drives. But what’s most impressive here is the addition of European-style amenities, like the spa that’s shared between the two camps.

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