Botswana Fly-In Safari

From the air you spot movement down below. Elephants. Now a buffalo herd. Up ahead an airstrip waits, a lone strip of ochre-coloured earth on a green and blue landscape. You’re flying over the Okavango Delta, the greatest delta of them all, an incredibly scenic flight and also the only way to get around.

Next you’re flying over the Kalahari Desert. Then the Chobe woodland. Botswana has remarkably diverse landscapes so every scenic flight is different. Botswana is also incredibly big and wild. You simply can’t get anywhere without flying. The very best camps can only be accessed by light aircraft.

This inaccessibility is great – there won’t be other vehicles ruining your safari. In other countries you fly between camps because it’s faster, although the landscapes mostly stay the same. In Botswana you fly because it’s the only way to connect wonderfully different safari destinations.

This is why Botswana is the best place in Africa for a fly-in safari. You’ll fly to the wildest of places, touch down on airstrips recently cleared of antelope herds, and every flight connection will be an awesome scenic flight experience.

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