Botswana Balloon Safari

The adventure begins before dawn with the journey through the bush to the launch site of your hot-air balloon. The chilly early morning start is more than made up for in the chatter of dawn and chance to spot rarely-seen nocturnal animals along the way.

Having watched the delicate inflation operation, you’ll take to the vast skies of Botswana in time for sunrise, when light dances across this watery world and its largest animals begin to stir. Silently drifting across flooded landscapes, the experience is never the same twice and never anything but extraordinary. At times you’ll brush the leaves of the tallest trees while at others you’ll rise to a height of 1000 ft, unraveling the entire region in a way impossible from the ground.

With the light changing by the minute, look out for the gently-moving silhouette of solitary elephant or, if your lucky, small herds of lechwe and sitatunga as African fish eagles challenge the balloon for dominances of the skies. Finally touching down wherever the wind has taken you, there will be time to celebrate your successful flight with a glass of champagne.

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