Sublime Wine Tasting at Torres Winery

Revel in the spoils of the Torres Winery, for this is a prestigious estate wrapped in expertise and charm. Discover centuries-old winemaking traditions – methods that remain respected. Sample vintage bottles and fine wines saved for special guests.

Tucked away just beyond Barcelona, this verdant oasis offers the perfect escape. As much a cultural tour as it is a culinary outing, the Torres venue is the biggest in Spain. Learn of its heritage on a stroll through the vines, as you listen to the raw passion of your hosts. Savour the dedication of five generations, who all came together to ensure the trade lasts.

When it comes to the tasting itself, there is much variety. The signature wine excursions here are world-renowned. Sip on the delights of a barrel tasting, or enjoy a vertical tasting of the family’s most cherished wines. Refined gastronomic pairings elevate the experience further. Recline overlooking pristine vineyards, as you celebrate the day by raising a glass.

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