Cité Du Vin - Sensational Wine Heritage Tour

vWrap yourself in the grape stories of Cite Du Vin, a unique cultural centre in Bordeaux dedicated to the celebration of wine. This is an immersive museum experience that takes you through the traditions. Let the secrets behind different scents enlighten and enchant.

Begin by meeting your expert guide; he himself is a wine connoisseur. As you approach the impressive structure together, the building reveals new details and thrilling metallic shapes. Formidable from afar, the exhibition space before you now opens invitingly. Within this one-of-a-kind interior, bottles adorn hallways. Special vintage collections await.

Prepare to uncover the art of creation, as you explore cultivation strategies and the hacks of the harvest. Delve into the heritage of a beverage so refined, even the Greeks were once dazzled by its allusive charms. With a private tour comes a chance to venture even deeper. Unveil universal myths and legends. Treat yourself to tastings that grant exclusive insight.

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