From Grape to Glass - Sherry Wine Tasting in Jerez


Discover the unique wine spoils of enchanting Jerez, on a tantalising tasting that’ll take you from grape to glass. Stroll the streets of this southern Andalusia city beside a native connoisseur. Let him lead you through the intimate delights of sherry production.

Highly celebrated in the region from which it originated, aging bodegas of sherry can be found in the old town. Vineyards roll out onto the surrounding country, creating a localised process that’s ambient and rich. Explore this heritage further by treating your tastebuds. Sample sweet concoctions from more than one glass.

Savour the best the city has to offer, as you hop between wineries on this exclusive tour. Take a sensual wandering through fruitful history, including vintages from the owner’s special collection. A private visit and lunch at a family-owned estate comes next. Sit down to dine among the vines, sharing laughter and stories as the drinks continue to pour.

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