Fruitful Paris - Sensational Wine Tastings & Tours

The joys of French wine are by no means a secret. They are an enriching pleasure shaped into a proud way of life. Sip your way through these liquid marvels, as you embark on a private tasting through the streets of Paree.

A selection of unique tours await your presence, each an opportunity to relish insider insight. Take the tailormade tasting in a Parisian wine cellar, for instance. An ambient setting is only the beginning, as you sample the special collection of a renowned connoisseur. Or perhaps you’d prefer a more “signature” drink, toasting in the company of a local vintner.

Foodies can revel in a gastronomic dinner, paired with the reds and whites of a winemaking chateau. Your visit here starts with strolls along the vineyard, where fruitful vines harbour flavours galore. From authentic interactions with industry experts, to a personal reception with the best sommelier in the world, savour sessions led by your very own preference. And why not venture even further, with bespoke experiences into the vintage spoils of Bordeaux?

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