Balloon Flight Over Cappadocia


There’s an unreality to the scene, scores of gigantic colourful orbs raise gracefully, effortlessly into the first light of day. All around the magical fairy chimneys of Cappadocia are brought to life as the sun coaxes them from their sleep

The air is heavy with magic, the only sound that of the burner and the murmured wows of your fellow companions. Mystical, mesmerising, the list of superlatives is endless when describing a dawn hot-air balloon ride over Anatolia’s most prized geological wonder is well worth the early morning wake up call.

Balloon rides are available on a shared basket or fully private basis, depending on your requirements. The fewer people, the more romantic the ride. Private transfers from/to your hotel are included. Be prepared for an early liftoff, 4am in the summer months and 5 later in the year. A champagne breakfast awaits you on return to terra firma.

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