With just a handful of boutique hillside bungalows, this marvellous eco lodge offers Costa Rica’s most remote and private luxury accommodation. A dreamy escape that’s as far off the beaten path as you can be.

Stay at ORIGINS Lodge

Silence. Oh so sweet. Oh so precious. The forest stretches out below. Lake Nicaragua sparkles in the distance. You shout in glee. Nobody hears you. Want off the beaten track? Want remote? Well, welcome to nowhere and Origins Lodge. Your friends haven’t heard of where you are staying. And they can’t possibly imagine the feeling of freedom you can find up here. Origins Lodge is the most remote and nature-dominated lodge of a country that specialises in remote lodges in pristine nature. At full capacity there are only 18 guests up here. So if you want seclusion and surprise, without roughing it, Origins Lodge will show you just how unique Costa Rica can be.


You’ll find Origins Lodge far down the only unpaved road for many kilometres around. Getting here is best by 4WD and it will take time, regardless of where you travel from - note that there is a helipad as well. This is Costa Rica’s very rural and undeveloped northwest, up against Lake Nicaragua. If you don’t like seeing people you’ve come to the right place.


We really like how Origins Lodge is so sensitive to its natural surroundings. Constructed from wood, stone and bamboo, the standalone accommodations are part of the wild setting, yet also reassuringly luxurious. All six lodges are extremely private, with the fire-heated outdoor plunge pools an obvious highlight. After the bumpy road to get here, you’ll be amazed at the quality and comfort on offer.

Who is it for

Origins is like a very remote honeymoon retreat. Don’t come to socialise or to use a lot of amenities. Stay here for adventure, solitude, romance and a new experience. The three-bedroom villa is a good option for families although in general, we’d only recommend it for teenagers.

Facilities & activities

Naturalist guides lead activities through the surroundings and the night walks are particularly recommended. Mostly this is a place to rest and unwind, with the spa helping with that. Rio Celeste is worth a day trip and you can easily allow two or three days doing not much at all. There’s only one restaurant and it’s very good.

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