Art Villas

Strikingly contemporary with their industrial design, the Art Villas resort is a new jungle hideaway for groups of friends and family, not far from the Pacific. Some people will love the style, many will prefer one of Costa Rica’s most eco-focused resorts, where there are more amenities and greater sustainability.

Stay at Art Villas

Suspended pathways take you through the jungle. Gazing across the green landscape you realise there’s nobody else around. Up ahead, sharp lines cut a striking shape amid the trees. It’s your villa, all concrete and metal, a real juxtaposition to the natural surroundings. Walk further, embracing the surprise, finding your place, discovering a chic contemporary design in an unusual location.Art villas is a collection of three accommodations in a wild piece of Pacific jungle. They are a very sharp contrast in style and approach to the country’s eco resorts. Come here for the industrial design vibes and privacy, especially when you’re travelling with a few friends and family.


Distant Pacific Ocean views are a highlight of the villas, although Art Villas are not on the beach. You really need a car as there’s nothing immediately accessible in the vicinity. The location is very good as a one or two-night stopping point on a journey to or from Costa Rica’s far south.


The actual Art Villa is a sprawling five-bedroom concrete property on the jungle far above Hermosa Beach. It wouldn’t look out of place in a redeveloped industrial innercity area of a European city. With three bedrooms, the Atelier Villa is in a similar style. Both have superb pools and terraces, plus Atelier has a garden rooftop. Coco Pods are for couples and more organic in style, but they are small and basic.

Who is it for

The contrast between architecture and surroundings is extremely stark. Some people love the daring use of industrial design, others may view these villas as an eyesore and insensitive to the natural environment. Coco Pods are not a five-star standard. But the two villas are great when you want a spacious retreat for six or more people.

Facilities & activities

Seclusion is a highlight here and you need either a car or driver to do anything. Villas have kitchens and Coco accommodations can use a communal kitchen. There’s a chef who prepares a weekly menu and can do special requests. Just note that in general the amenities are few and far between. Art Villas are more geared towards a self-sufficient type of getaway.

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