Sacha Lodge

A simple Amazonian lodge with great activities and an authentic experience. Generally good value but definitely not luxurious.

Stay at Sacha Lodge

Step, step, step you make your way through the Amazonian treetops. Strange birds flutter beneath your feet. Monkeys make eye contact. The jungle extends in all directions. You’re walking on a 300-metre canopy walkway, a highlight of staying at Sacha Lodge. Next up it’s a guided jungle walk, then a canoe excursion, as you settle into the simplicity of jungle life. Sacha isn’t opulent. It’s just about comfortable enough and it’s authentic, with some great activities in the biggest rainforest of them all.


Overlooking the black waters of Pilchacocha Lake, a short canoe ride from Napo River, Sacha Lodge has its own reserve in the Ecuadorian Amazon. It’s the fastest and easiest of the best Amazon lodges to reach, but still requires around half a day of travel.


Rooms are airy and quite spacious. Most people will find them comfortable enough for two to three days, even if they are relatively simple and a long way from any sense of luxury. Luxury is not why you stay at Sacha Lodge and if you demand the very best accommodation then we recommend looking elsewhere for a rainforest experience, particularly to Mashpa.

Who is it for

People seeking a very active Amazon experience, with a premium on activities rather than accommodation. Some will consider Sacha Lodge to be a little rough and simple for their tastes. Three nights is enough and considering the logistics, Sacha is a good choice if you only want a two- or three-night jungle stay.

Facilities & activities

Sacha Lodge offers a brilliant variety of activities and has the best canopy walkway in the Amazon. There’s so much to see, from eight monkey species to sloths, ocelots, and birds with colours beyond your imagination. Canoe trips, guided hikes, observation towers, nighttime explorations…it’s all here and it’s all included, so make up the itinerary dependent on how you feel.

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