Kontiki Expeditions

A small-scale luxury yacht expedition along Ecuador’s magnificent Pacific coastline. Kontiki has created a completely new and extremely unique travel experience in South America. Definitely one for the real explorers out there.

Stay at Kontiki Expeditions

Imagine exploring a coastline unseen by others, a coastline unknown to everyone you know. Imagine exploring in a luxury yacht, the first seafaring vessel to join the small luxury hotels of the world. Add in a sustainable focus and you have Kontiki, a new and incredibly exciting experience along the Ecuadorian coast. This is an expedition for the new age traveller, combining unseen locations with local culture, modern gastronomy, boutique accommodation and an environmental commitment. We rarely recommend cruises and this isn’t really a cruise, it’s a yacht expedition shared by 16 people.


Kontiki Expeditions explore a relatively unexplored place, the dazzling coastline of Ecuador. Two week-long itineraries are offered, taking in pristine and deserted beaches, traditional villages, ecological reserves and Isla de la Plata, known as the “other Galapagos.” Note this is not a Galapagos cruise and the itineraries do not visit the Galapagos.


Kontiki’s Wayra Yacht is just about good looking enough to take a berth in a swanky Mediterranean harbour. It’s a new vessel, with nine staterooms that are well appointed but a little small. Avoid the interior luxury stateroom, despite its preferential spa access, and go for the Veranda or Panoramic rooms, which are larger and have better views. Yes, you read correctly, this is a small vessel with a spa. Plus a nice range of serene outdoor spaces and high-speed Wi-Fi.

Who is it for

A choice for intrepid explorers, definitely a new-world travel experience and something completely different. Not for families, best for couples and friends who like to be social.

Facilities & activities

Kayak to an empty beach. Paddleboard around an uninhabited island. Drink sundowner cocktails from the organic bar. Collect shellfish then take them to the kitchen table. Visit artisans, swim in lagoons, snorkel with turtles, sail past humpback whales, the list goes on and on. Kontiki is contemporary travel to a destination few other people know about.

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