When You Need Freedom & Space – Visit Botswana

Botswana, a country of almost total wilderness.

There are very few people here, even fewer roads. And some of the greatest wild habitats on earth.

Here you see elephants crossing the highway. Zebra graze besides your ten. You have space. You feel freedom.

Buffalo herd in the Okavango Delta

Relax. And Connect With Nature

Get to know Botswana and you’ll understand why it’s the country of choice for royalties and celebrities going on an African safari. Here you have complete privacy. You can be virtually alone in wild landscapes larger than Switzerland.

Alone except for 100,000 elephants. Just imagine the sight of one African elephant. Try to imagine ten elephants. How about 100? 100,000! That’s crazy. But this is how many elephants are in just one part of Botswana during the dry season.

Can you imagine 100,000 elephants?

Ready for Your Safari?

Come to Botswana to experience adventure yet there’s also something wonderfully relaxing about being at one with nature.

Come to Botswana to get away from the rest of the world. Come to rest and recharge. To connect with something new and untamed.

Botswana’s Magnificent Landscapes

The Kalahari Desert dominates the heart of Botswana. It’s so vast it can hide secrets like the world’s largest salt pans, the Makgadikgadi. It’s a place of escapism and adventure.

A baobab in the Makgadikgadi Pans

Spilling across the Kalahari is the Okavango Delta, the world’s largest inland delta system. This oasis of islands and floodplains provides sanctuary for four-legged wanderers who arrive from all over Southern Africa. Explore on land then explore on water in a traditional mokoro canoe.

Aerial view of the Okavango Delta near Maun, Botswana.

Travelling north the Delta turns to swamp and marsh. Here you find some of Africa’s best private concessions – Linyanti, Selinda and Kwando. Located at a crossroads between ecosystems and migratory wildlife routes, these concessions are among our very favourite safari destinations.

Zebra migrating north through Botswana

In northeastern Botswana the Chobe woodland is home to those 100,000 elephants you are trying to imagine. And from Chobe you can travel one hour over the border to Victoria Falls, the perfect place to start or end your exploration.

Flying In for Absolute Exclusivity

Delta, desert, swamp! You can’t travel there by road. Botswana is wild. You need to fly in and fly out of these remarkable places.

Imagine a country where there are far more wild animals than people.

This is fun and adds to the exclusivity. You won’t see dozens of safari trucks crowded around a single lion. You could be just one of 12 people in a wilderness area bigger than some European countries.

Botswana is absolutely the best country for a fly-in safari, because you can comfortably combine a range of habitats. This means diverse animal sightings, varied safari experiences, space and freedom to explore.

Leopards are remarkably abundant and can be easy to spot in the concessions.

Your Safari in Botswana

You will need an absolute minimum of one week for a Botswana safari. It is a superlative destination for first-time visitors to Africa and safari connoisseurs. It combines raw wilderness with traditional luxuries and the pure authenticity of African safari.

Want to be (safely) face to face with a lion?

Botswana was negatively impacted by the omicron variant. However, the country’s borders have remained open for much of the pandemic. In a country with so few people and so much space, Covid is less of a risk than being trampled by elephants.

Ready to explore? Our travel consultant Tomas Safarik explains more about your options in this guide to Botswana.

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