Wolf Lodge

This is one of the most highly-coveted stays across the Nordic region. The lodge can only be booked in its entirety, and for a minimum of three nights. Since there is only availability for around 15 stays per year, reserving in advance is recommended. Every visit generates a donation to the park’s Wolf Welfare Fund.

Stay at Wolf Lodge

Nordic spirits run wild at the Wolf Lodge, where you will be in the company of resident wolves. Born in captivity, now roaming free, observe their slow movement as they approach the window. Later, you admire the softness of their fur up close. These encounters are exquisitely authentic, but they’re not the only wildlife sightings that bring sheer glee.Extravagant in luxury from the moment you arrive, you’ll be welcomed by a personal driver eager to whisk you to your lavish base. Spoiled by rugged landscapes as far as the eye can see, adventures here come with natural surprises. Commence Skidoo races over frosted waters. Embark on Arctic voyages in search of the midnight sun. Come home to culinary delights fresh from the kitchen. Raise a glass to honour this once-in-a-lifetime memory.


Nestled in the wolf enclosure of Norway’s Polar Park, the lodge is high above the Arctic Circle. This is the northernmost animal park on the planet, in fact. The closest airports are Bardufoss and Harstad/Narvik, both close to an hour’s drive away.


Just three deluxe suites make up this chalet-style oasis. Design is charmingly rustic, with cosy wooden furnishings, ample lounge spaces and large windows galore. Bedside views offer a raw glimpse of wolves howling to the moon.

Who is it for

Only six guests can be accommodated at a time, unless two are kids, in which case it is eight. Child guests must be at least 10-years-old, though wolf visits are strictly 18 and over. Couples wishing to indulge will find all manner of comforts here.

Facilities & activities

The Wolf Lodge is rented as an all-inclusive, and as such you will have a devoted wildlife host, expert wilderness guides and an exclusive chef all at your disposal. Activities are varied and season-dependent, and include ziplining, dog-sledding, fjord sails and more. Sami cultural visits and trips to Lofoten or Sweden can also be arranged.

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