Andean Explorer

South America’s only luxury sleeper train is a real delight, a fascinating journey through the Peruvian highlands to uncover hidden treasures. This is an amazing way to see remote parts of Peru. Highly recommended.

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Landscapes spill in every direction. Snow-capped mountains. Desert plains. Azure lakes. Not a soul in sight as you journey deeper into the Peruvian Highlands. From Cusco to Puno you cross breathtaking lands and see what few visitors have a chance to see. Sit back and watch Peru unfold, as you drink cocktails in the bar, dine on fine cuisine, then rest in absolute comfort. Right now there’s renewed interest in Europe’s luxury sleeper trains. The Andean Explorer is on par with the Simplon Orient Express and the best of Europe, but with one important difference. On this train you explore landscapes and destinations that are difficult to visit by any other means.


The train follows a two-night route connecting three destinations: Cusco, Puno and Arequipa. You can start or end your journey at any of these. Travelling from Cusco to Arequipa or vice versa is the full two-night experience and our preferred option - it’s more relaxed when you spend more time on board plus you see everything on offer. The train is scheduled almost every week of the year so it’s usually easy to work this into your itinerary.


The cabins are fantastic and feature in-built oxygen, which you’ll need when traversing the highlands. And while spacious enough to be an onboard retreat, remember that this is a train, so nothing is really that spacious. It’s as comfortable as being on the Simplon Orient Express and the train even has a spa

Who is it for

Not just for train lovers. The Andean Explorer is romantic, unique and an incredible opportunity to explore unexplored landscapes. With most Peru trips you fly between destinations but oh this train you have a chance to see what’s in between. It is a grown-up experience though, so be cautious if you’re planning this as a family.

What to do

Rumble out of Cusco, the ancient capital of the Incas. Marvel at La Raya mountains as you dine on contemporary Andean cuisine. Slip into the train’s rhythm. Wake the next morning at Lake Titicaca and visit the Uros islands by boat. Travel onwards through remote lands, to Saracocha and Lake Lagunillas. Explore cave paintings. Drink a pisco sour as you rumble into Arequipa and end this highly unique travel experience.

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