Giraffe Manor

The most famous place to stay in Africa? Giraffe really do stick their long necks through the windows at Giraffe Manor, making this a memorable place to stay. One night is enough though and some people are underwhelmed, especially considering the price and small rooms.

Stay at Giraffe Manor

Breakfast is served. And an endangered Rothschild giraffe pokes its long neck through the window for a closer inspection at the menu. Welcome to Giraffe Manor, a vintage 1930s manor house, famous the world over for its interactive giraffe experience. These creatures graze the grounds, are visible from your bedroom window and the swimming pool, and love to follow the fresh coffee smell to your breakfast table. All this creates a magical experience, especially for kids, hence the lofty price tag. Giraffe interactions typically take place at breakfast then in the early afternoon, so Giraffe Manor doesn’t make sense if you won’t be at the hotel for either of these times.


In a leafy Nairobi suburb, where there are enough trees to support a healthy giraffe population. It’s a quiet place to stay before or after a safari, with the attraction being the giraffe. Depending on traffic it’s around 30 minutes from the international airport, about 20 minutes from Wilson Airport which you use for safari flights.


The original manor dates to 1932 and has six rooms. These are nicely furnished but vary in size and have the unfortunate quirks of such an old building. A newer Garden Manor has a further six rooms, constructed in the 1930s vintage style, with the same unfortunate challenges of room size. Your travel designer can help ensure you’re assigned one of the 40 square metres rooms, not one of the stuffy 20 square metre rooms.

Who is it for

A Nairobi layover with a wildlife encounter, which impresses almost everyone, but especially children and Instagrammers. Just note that you’re paying for the giraffe and while it’s a charming manor, it can be hard to justify the price per night. Ideally you’ll want to have 18 hours to maximise giraffe opportunities.

Facilities & activities

The optimal itinerary is to have lunch on arrival, a relaxed afternoon at the manor, then breakfast and onward travel. This can work at the end of a safari, but if Giraffe Manor is your first night in Kenya, you may need to travel on a safari flight early the next morning. Giraffe encounters are part of the experience but exactly how close you get is unpredictable - these are wild animals and it’s not a zoo.

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