Loisaba Tented Camp by Elewana

Tomáš Safarik

Private Consultant
"This modern and sophisticated tented camp celebrates a new-world approach to safari, in a region with diverse and rare game viewing. Varied activities and elevated comfort levels combine with a wild safari feeling, in a spectacular destination."

Stay at the Loisaba Tented Camp

Surprises take centre stage in Laikipia. Goosebumps rise as you watch a pack of wild dogs on a hunt. When a black rhino walks past you watch openmouthed in silence. Great tusked elephants and rare Grevy’s zebra add to your astonishment. While Laikipia doesn’t match the Masai Mara for animal numbers, it’s where encouraging conservation success stories are being created, where you find an intimate and small-scale approach to safari. That’s exemplified by the excellent Loisaba Tented Camp, an idyllic place to stay where the overall safari experience can rival anywhere in East Africa.


Laikipia is roughly the same size as Moravia, so don’t expect to bump into many other safari vehicles. It was formerly a series of cattle ranches, but these have been repurposed to their original state, as wild spaces for Kenyan wildlife. Half of Kenya’s black rhinos live here and that’s just one amazing conservation story. Loisaba Tented Camp is located in the Loisaba Conservancy, with views onto Mount Kenya, and a wonderfully wild atmosphere. Arrive here by safari flight as the journey by road is torturous.


Tented rooms are enormous and feel more like hotel rooms than a traditional safari camp. Instead of rustic luxury, Laisaba opts for a modern, minimalist design, more out of the city than out of Africa. The infinity pool is stunning and panoramic views take in a waterhole beneath the camp, so in one sense the wildlife comes to you.

Who is it for

Loisaba provides a modern safari experience, with a range of activities and very comfortable accommodation. It’s for everyone, especially deserving as a place on a two- or three-stop safari. Families can stay in special units, with two tents connected by a wooden walkway.

Amenities & Activities

Of course there are day and night game drives and guided bush walks. How about a mountain bike safari? Or a horseback safari? Or sundowners by a pool that’s home to hippos? For something extra special, book one night at sister property Loisaba Star Beds, where you sleep beneath the stars in elephant country. It’s this exceptional variety of things to do that makes Loisaba a great complement to your more traditional safari program in the Masai Mara or Samburu.

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