Integrity Galapagos Yacht

Balancing remote Galapagos exploration with plenty of comforts, Integrity is the best choice when you want an expedition-style adventure on a yacht-like vessel. It takes just 16 passengers on excellent weekly itineraries through the islands.

Stay at Integrity Galapagos Yacht

An expedition to the edge of the world, to a place where whales breach, tortoises crawl and birds nest in their hundreds of thousands. An adventure amid wildlife you won’t find anywhere else, on islands that have never been inhabited. Integrity Galapagos creates the wild feeling of exploring somewhere unknown, complete with up-close-and-personal wildlife encounters. And such adventure is also comfortable, thanks to the stabilisers and engine control system that will carry you to remote islands more smoothly than most other yachts. It’s not the largest or more spacious yacht and you shouldn’t expect a lot of privacy. But hey, you’re sharing the adventure with all the animals as well.


Both the eastern and western itineraries are superb, enabling you to explore at a slow pace and visit multiple sites on multiple islands. They access outlying islands which most vessels don’t visit, with the eastern route particularly good as it includes both Espanola and Genovesa. Expect to spend seven nights on board, doing expedition style cruising.


We love the Owner’s Suite, which stretches from port to starboard across the main deck and has a lovely private seating area. Standard staterooms can feel a little cramped after a week at sea, although the large picture windows are a nice touch. Social space is quite limited in comparison to other vessels, so in general the yacht suits a communal, convivial atmosphere. Great if you like being part of a small expedition group, not recommended when you want time to yourself.

Who is it for

It’s an expedition with more comforts than the vessels of old. So a good choice if you value remote places and an exhaustive wildlife experience, above on-board privacy and a range of extra amenities. Families have better options and the overall atmosphere can be quite senior-centric.

Facilities & activities

We like the long and slow exploration, as it means daily opportunity to snorkel and kayak, rather than only experience these things once in an itinerary. What Integrity lacks in terms of on-board space it compensates for with wide-open natural spaces. Step off the boat and you are almost alone on a rare island at the edge of the world.

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