Quasar Expeditions - Grace Yacht

An intimate yacht operating highly immersive eight-day cruise programs. We love Quasar for their conservation initiatives, guiding and overall quality, with Grace Yacht epitomising their ethos of wildlife safari done comfortably.

Stay at Quasar Expeditions – Grace Yacht

Wake to the sounds of seals and get closer to them from a kayak. Wander across an old volcano and inspect blue footed boobies in a mating dance. Lounge on the wooden deck as dolphins play in the yacht’s wake. Princess Grace Kelly had her honeymoon on this yacht. Even after a recent rebuild, the 16-passenger yacht hints at the golden age of travel. Vintage features abound and it’s mostly smooth sailing, with the real highlight being the Galapagos nature of course. Two guides for 16 passengers means a level of intimacy and freedom beyond that of typical Galapagos vessels. The boat’s two eight-day itineraries further enhance the appeal to explorers who want to really explore. Quasar also operates the 32-passenger Evolution, which is of a similar standard but less intimate and private.


Grace offers two very complex and interesting itineraries. One explores the centre and east, the other the centre and west. They can be combined as a 15-day trip. You’ll travel slow and enjoy relatively exclusive access to the best wildlife spots. But don’t pick Grace if you’re short on time or not sure of your sea legs.


The old-world vintage design won’t be to everybody’s tastes. While it honours Grace Kelly’s honeymoon, the 50s timewarp maybe a bit much after eight days. Go for the Grace Kelly Suite or Albert Deck Mastersuite as they provide a lot more space. With only 16 passengers across three floors, you’ll find ample space to relax in semi privacy, including the hot tub.

Who is it for

Don’t choose a Quasar expedition if you want to glimpse the Galapagos in a few days. Thanks to exceptional guiding and the very small group size, Grace is really tailored towards active exploration and understanding evolution on these islands. We don’t recommend it for families.

Facilities & activities

This is one of the smallest Galapagos boats and you’ll be split into groups of eight for your land and water explorations. With so few people you don’t waste time getting on and off. Plus you’ll be the only group at each natural site. An eight-day itinerary also allows you to combine the full mix of sea and land activities, plus a near complete mix of Galapagos wildlife. This is a premium choice in terms of activities and guiding.

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