Tomáš Safarik

Private Consultant
"Take a swim…with turtles and sharks. Paddle in a kayak…alongside seals. Walk in nature…with giant endemic iguanas. Explore a world that changed our understanding of the natural world. And evolve your own understanding of why and how, thanks to some of the best naturalist guides in the world. This is a boat for explorers who want to travel deeply into a rare world. While it’s called a luxury yacht, Isabela II is not like the vessels you’ll see in the Mediterranean. So don’t come onboard if you want glamour or style, choose Isabela II for the expedition."

Stay at the Isabela II

World-class guiding and premium access to the best wildlife sites makes Isabela II a solid choice for exploring and understanding the Galapagos world. Not the most luxurious vessel but you’ll feel at home and be captivated by island life.


Isabela II does a two week loop around the archipelago that’s split into three distinct itineraries. All three combine a superb variety of locations and experiences, without you needing to spend an entire week on a boat. Western Galapagos and Northern Galapagos each last for four nights, with six nights for the Southeastern Galapagos itinerary.


The yacht takes a maximum of 40 passengers and is the best choice of boats in Metropolitan Touring’s fleet. Top marks go to Isabela II’s indoor and outdoor spaces, including the top deck jacuzzi. However, the cabins are small with hardly any natural light and cramped bathrooms. Other than sleeping, you won’t want to spend any time in them.

Who is it for

Choose Isabela II for the guiding, definitely not for the cabins or any feeling of exclusivity. Metropolitan Touring are one of the oldest companies on the islands and they have strong sway with the national park authority, meaning they cherry pick the best landing spots for their itineraries. This is their flagship vessel but it’s far from the height of luxury.

Amenities & Activities

Kayak at sunrise. Walk on wild trails to see rare birds nesting. Go snorkelling. Or choose to explore in a small panga boat. Isabela II is designed around the activities and there’s plenty of choice throughout every itinerary. It’s all exceptionally guided in groups that are smaller than the Galapagos norm, so can always do a different activity to others on the boat.

Do you like Isabela II?

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