Wow…World’s First Energy-Positive Hotel Is Coming

Nevermind carbon neutral. In Arctic Norway there’s a hotel that will be net energy-positive. It’s off grid with zero waste going to landfill. And it’s no uncomfortable eco-retreat either.

The world’s first energy-positive hotel will be run by Six Senses.

A render from Six Senses illustrating their upcoming property

Introducing Six Senses Svart

At the foot of Svartisen Glacier, in wild Arctic Norway, Six Senses Svart really is a new frontier. Think Northern Lights, fjord adventures and white midsummer nights. Six Senses CEO Neil Jacobs said:

Sustainable properties call for extraordinary creativity and Six Senses Svart takes us to a whole new level in terms of pushing boundaries.

There’s so much love about Six Senses Svart.

Environmentally Beneficial Construction

Raising the hotel on poles not only ensures minimal environmental impact, it blurs the boundary between the hotel and nature. They also did this at Bisate Lodge in Rwanda and many of the world’s ultimate treehouses.

Energy Creation & Efficiency

Six Senses Svart is completely off the grid and will harvest enough solar energy to cover all its operations, boat trips, and the energy used in construction.

This will be the world’s first ever energy-positive hotel.

You can also experience carbon-neutral properties, such as the best safari camps in Botswana. Like Six Senses Svart, their efficient design also maximises the connection between guests and their wild natural surroundings.

Eagle Island Lodge in the Okavango, Botswana, another great example of luxury and nature coming together.

Fully Self Sustaining

Off the grid is important for selfish holiday reasons as well. It means you can holiday in untouched places, where nature reigns. Like the White Desert Camp in Antarctica or safari camps in Tanzania.

COMO Laucala Island in Fiji is another example of how self sustainability and luxury can go hand in hand. It’s truly one of the world’s most opulent private island resorts, but is certified 86% self sustainable.

Namiri Plains Camp in Tanzania. Off the grid, sustainable, surrounded by wildebeest and elephants.

Zero Waste

Six Senses Svart also has its own waste and water management. So nothing will go to landfill. Zero-waste dining is just one project they’re implementing.

We also love Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani in the Maldives for this. What do you do with waste on a remote Indian Ocean island? Unfortunately, many resorts send it to islands tourists never sea, designated garbage dumps. Soneva started a program to combat this.

They also desalinate drinking water and turn solid waste into sellable art pieces. And they are two of the best luxury island resorts in the world!

Where does the waste go? Innovation solutions are essential in the Maldives. And just look at that solar rooftop!

Your Eco-Responsible Holiday

Unfortunately, Six Senses Svalt will only open its doors in 2024. So we all must wait two years before the world’s first energy-positive hotel.

But there are many amazing sustainable properties around the world, also pioneers in what they have achieved. Like Soneva Fushi, Laucala, Singita Sasakwa, Namiri Plains and Eagle Island Lodge.

Want more inspiration? Then get in touch. We’ll arrange a holiday that meets your needs for comfort and luxury, but also puts you ahead of the trends in terms of eco-responsible holiday choices.

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