Wow…Rosewood London Creates Afternoon NFTea

English afternoon tea just changed forever.

Rosewood London has created surrealist art inspired by Salvador Dali. That you can eat. And scan with your mobile.

Open an augmented reality where you capture virtual butterflies and take home an “NFTea”.

Yes, it’s really an NFT. After traditional afternoon tea you only have the bloated feeling of gluten intolerance. With this afternoon tea you have an NFT to sell in the future.

Rosewood London’s Mirror Room is the setting.

English People Don’t Do Afternoon Tea

Let’s be honest. English food isn’t inspiring. So why the afternoon tea craze? A multi tiered platter of doughy pastries and tea served in a floral bone china pot? Sure it seems regal and halfway to Bridgerton.

There isn’t an English person born after 1930 who does afternoon tea regularly.

Afternoon tea was a forgotten Victorian tradition revived for tourists. If you want great pastries go to France. And if you want to spend your holidays eating crustless finger sandwiches then stop reading now.

You won’t find any boring finger sandwiches at this afternoon tea.

Bringing Afternoon Tea into a New World

It’s not that there was anything wrong with the afternoon tea concept. Meet with friends. Eat. Drink. Chat. Enjoy a lazy afternoon with lots of things to put in your mouth. It’s just the quality was always lacking.

So step forward Rosewood London with their new interpretation of this Victorian tradition. Of course there are different teas and colourful sweets. Then there is Salvador Dali.

t’s a ruby peach jelly and almond sponge, with a heart shaped sable biscuit decorated with tempered chocolate and an edible Queen of Hearts playing card.

Play an edible queen of hearts game, with a dessert based on Dali’s famous Playing Card series.

The Lobster Telephone (Dali, 1936) is made of a Valrhona Chocolate
sponge with a passionfruit jelly insert and garnished with a passionfruit chocolate lobster.

Then eat Metamorphosis of Narcissus. Not the oil on canvas version from 1937, but the creation of pastry chef Mark Perkins.

Three inner layers of pastry into an egg shape which is then ensconced in a passionfruit
dip and topped with a chocolate Daffodil (Narcissus) flower.

Capture a Butterfly and an NFT

If you don’t know much about Dali you will still probably recognise The Persistence of Memory. In a 2022 interpretation of Dali’s melting clocks, Rosewood created a butterfly windmill cake with a QR code.

The inspiration…

Scan the code and enter an augmented reality, where you must capture a butterfly that unlocks one of Rosewood’s 2,500 NFTs (as well as free glasses of Ruinart Rose Champagne). These are the first NFTeas, ever.

A delicate olive oil cake, praline, a citrus cremeux and a decadent Jivara chocolate
mousse all coated in a tart yuzu glaze.

Ready to Explore London

This isn’t Rosewood London’s first break from afternoon tea tradition. Their 2021 menu was inspired by Japanese contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama.

The 2022 edition has 2,500 butterflies available to capture. Will it be part of your next London experience?

Remember, wherever you go, we’ll give you personalised advice and help you experience what’s hot now, not what is overly touristic and last year’s news. Challenge us to inspire your next holiday.

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