The Old Village Hotel & Resort

With its Arabian heritage and historic rooms, this is a memorable place to stay and definitively the best option in Petra. Don’t expect super European-grade luxury, but you will be comfortable here. Plus the atmosphere and style more than compensate for any small faults in amenities.

Stay at The Old Village Hotel & Resort

An enchanting 2000-year-old village, converted into five-star accommodation, far from the tourist bustle of Wadi Musa. This is definitely the best place to stay at Petra. With the world wonder nearby, the Old Village Resort-Petra provides a very authentic and intimate local experience. You feel at one with Jordan’s past and present here, especially in the great hotel restaurant. Some rooms and bathrooms are not up to our standards, but this shouldn’t detract from the overall experience and friendly vibe.


Petra’s only other locally graded five-star hotel is the Movenpick. And we’d rather camp in a Bedouin cave than stay there. The Movenpick sells itself on being the closest to Petra’s entrance, which means it’s also surrounded by a mass of tourist shops, touts and bad restaurants. Old Village Resort-Petra is above the town, with spectacular valley views and a tranquil atmosphere, but still only a five-minute complementary transfer from Petra.


It’s like a maze, walking through this old stone village, immersed in the past. Officially it’s a five-star property and it’s been converted out of a 2000-year-old village. The rooms themselves are spectacular, with a really nice historic feel. However, not all bathrooms are up to standard. Go for at least a Deluxe Double Room. The best rooms are in a newly renovated wing.

Who is it for

Anyone who wants to properly explore Petra. Stay here and you can spend more time in Petra, rather than get stuck in the daytrip crowds. The local Arabian feel is also a lovely change from Jordan’s more European-styled resorts like those by Kempinski.

Facilities & activities

The outdoor swimming pool and jacuzzi are amazing after a long day walking around Petra. Both breakfast and dinner are superb, with genuine Jordanian cuisine plus a couple of international options. You stay here for Petra, so expect an early start, a full day of exploring, then a comfortable place to stay and dine.

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