Awasi Patagonia - Relais & Chateaux

An incredible stay bestowing the quintessential Patagonia experience. Awasi takes solitude to a whole new level. If you’re a nature lover, then the raw and ravishing joys here are not to be missed.

Stay at Awasi Patagonia

Cherish a slice of pure Patagonian pleasure, from a lodge serving Chilean bliss like never before. Some of the world’s best nature is your immediate neighbour. Equally, each cabin retains its own seclusion. It’s just you, the vast steppe and mountain massifs beyond.Not long after arrival, comes a knock at the door. It is your assigned guide beaming, map in hand. Together, you sketch out the areas you wish to cover. Which outdoor pursuits call out most? The rest of your time is a whirlwind of iconic ventures, balanced by slow afternoons with a book and glass of wine. Sit down with that special someone and enjoy a glamping picnic one moment. Watch the sun set on Torres del Paine over charcuterie the next.


This luxurious Relais & Chateaux property is in the heart of the Patagonia action, with Torres del Paine National Park right on your door. Remote from the rest of civilization, the scenery doesn’t get better. Puma trekking and glacier spotting are also in ample supply.


The lodge comprises 14 large and cosy cabins, within which there is a lounge area, grand bathroom and outdoor hot tub. Views are simply out of this world, while styling is at once rustic and contemporary, paying tribute to the mood of the vast landscapes beyond.

Who is it for

Kids aged 10 and older are welcome, with adventurous teens sure to relish the wild. That being said, Awasi Patagonia is a retreat perhaps more suited to couples, small groups or intrepid solo travellers.

Facilities & activities

Past the fitness centre, there isn’t much for indoor recreation, but that’s understandable when the location steals the show. Each cabin is assigned a personal tour guide, and activities can be as daring or laidback as you desire. Meals, too, are excellent and served in the main lodge, or packable if you wish to dine with Mother Nature.

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