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Many people reduce their carbon footprint by travelling less. But there's a way you can travel without limits, without damaging the planet. Use our calculator to understand the emissions of any trip, then offset your carbon footprint with UN-sealed climate projects. Travel guilt-free and never stop exploring.

How it works

  • Calculate
    Accurately calculate the carbon emissions of your holiday, thanks to our partnership with Path Net Zero
  • Offset
    Easily offset your holiday with Gold Standard, the global leader in climate and development projects
  • Change
    We are among the first global travel companies implementing Pristine Mood certification for sustainability in luxury travel

You can offset your holidays for

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Where does my money go & other important questions

Where does my money go? 
Your money is spent with Gold Standard, recognised as the global standard for developing, quantifing, certifing and maximising the impact of climate projects. You can see it here in the Gold Standard impact registry. Gold Standard is a not for profit, none-governmental organisation based in Swizerland, founded in 2003 by WWF and other none profit organisations. All Gold Standard projects are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
How does my money make a difference?
With Gold Standard you go climate positive and we have certification to show where and how your money has been sent. Offsetting your unavoidable emissions supports the transition to a low-carbon sustainable future. The three projects we chose also support local communities.
How accurate is my calculation?
The calculator uses the same benchmarking data as the United Nations and World Tourism Organisation. Adding a 5% contingency covers what we can't calculate, like the exact emissions of a particular aircraft or activity.
What is carbon offsetting?
Carbon offsetting is an investment in a project that prevents future carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere. One ton of carbon is equal to one verified emission reduction. For example, when you invest one verified emission reduction in a wind farm project, you prevent one ton of energy being produced by fossil fuels.
How long before my holiday carbon emissions are neutralised?
When you buy a verified emission reduction something happened yesterday. You’ve invested in a project that’s already removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Thanks to your investment, the project can continue to make a difference. EliteVoyage regularly purchases 500 tons of verified emission reductions from Gold Standard so travellers can easily offset their holidays.

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Pristine Mood is the first dedicated sustainability qualification for luxury hospitality. Enjoy preferential access to the most sustainable luxury hotels and experiences. Holiday with one of the first global travel companies to meet the Pristine Mood sustainability criteria. Be sure that your holidays are also having a positive impact on the planet.

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