Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla

This is the largest hotel on the island, but still feels calming with an all-round peaceful vibe. 24/7 buggies make exploring easy, but those craving a boutique stay will prefer elsewhere. Final note, the feel here is very American, but you certainly don’t have to be from the US to enjoy the California-inspired design and touches.

Stay at Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla

Savour a privileged vantage above Anguilla’s finest shorelines, from a first-class base unmatched in service. Spacious rooms ensure no compromise in comfort. Meanwhile, staff go all out to make Caribbean dreams come true.Each day brings a whole new pleasure, whether it be yoga by the water or sunset sailing for two. In between intrepid moments come exotic dining, letting you savour the island in more ways than one. So let yourself be daring in this culinary capital. Experience recreation old and new. Indulgence has never tasted sweeter, than in a rum cocktail at golden hour by the waves.


The resort occupies a coveted corner along the island’s northwest shore. Elevated atop coralline cliffs, it overlooks two of Anguilla’s most stunning beaches, Meads Bay Beach and Barnes Bay Beach. Four Seasons host a private beach club on both.


A range of accommodation is featured, from suites, townhomes and penthouses to hillside villas with up to five ensuite rooms. The latter are easily the most lavish. These expansive lodgings house separate living spaces, kitchens and terraces with infinity pools.

Who is it for

Fun-filled daily activities and a complimentary kids club make this one of the most family-friendly properties across the island. However, top FS service and generous facilities grant uncompromised luxury for twosomes as well.

Facilities & activities

Beside the three pools, two beaches and lavish two-floor spa, guests are spoiled with four restaurants cooking up island-inspired cuisine. A sample of activities within this 35-acre compound include snorkelling, kayaking, tennis and rock climbing.

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