White Desert

The only way to explore Antarctica’s interior, two spectacular safari-style camps for just 12 guests, bringing genuine luxury into the ultimate wilderness. White Desert is magnificent and the best way to discover the white continent. We can’t recommend it highly enough.

Stay at White Desert

Jagged peaks soaring above white glaciers. Wilderness rolling on and on and on. No neighbours. Only a small handful of other guests and record-breaking expedition guides. Welcome to Antarctica but this isn’t the Antarctica you will see on a cruise ship. It’s the interior of a vast continent visited by less than a thousand people per year. White Desert is the only company who operate inside Antarctica and there are two outstanding camps, both offering fully customisable explorer itineraries plus a remarkable level of comfort and luxury. The season runs from late November to early February.


White Desert’s camps are more than 150 kilometres into Antarctica’s interior, in a wilderness bigger than Europe, but visited by very few people. In contrast, all cruise ships tour Antarctica’s peninsula. Arrive on a business jet departing from Cape Town and touching down on White Desert’s ice runway.


Echo Base is the new, futuristic option, a cross between Star Wars and ideas of a colony on Mars (astronaut Buzz Aldrin inspired the design during his Antarctica trip). Whichaway Camp is styled more towards the expeditions of old, a vintage design but also extremely comfortable. Both take a maximum of 12 guests and you’ll be amazed at how White Desert brings genuine luxury to the wildest of wildernesses. Depending on the itinerary you may also spend time at the simpler Wolf’s Fang and Dixie’s camps.

Who is it for

Explorers and adventurers of course, but also anybody who seeks the ultimate experience on Antarctica. Unlike cruise ships, you will spend all your time in Antarctica, on land, discovering the continent’s different places. White Desert can truly cater for any adult. They make Antarctica very easy and comfortable, a lot more comfortable than travelling by boat.

Facilities & activities

Programs are from five to eight days and are completely customisable. Climb a previously unclimbed peak. Visit a colony of 28,000 penguins. Fly seven hours across Antarctica to the South Pole. Try ice climbing, explore ice caves, fat bike on a glacier and explore blue rivers. There are multiple guides per group, so everyone can experience the Antarctica of their imagination.

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