Capella Bangkok

Tomáš Safarik

Private Consultant
"A fine addition to the capital’s well-oiled luxury scene. Excellent service, facilities and location makes this the best hotel in Bangkok, as far as we’re concerned."

Stay at the Capella Bangkok

Redefining sophistication in Asia’s liveliest capital, Capella Bangkok elevates the vibrant cityscape. Riverside villas unique to the metropolis encourage immersive living. Floor to ceiling windows from every room invite the buzz of the outside in.Spend slow mornings wandering the sights of the town on foot. Dips in your plunge pool later provide heavenly respite, but intimate therapies at the spa is where true indulgence lies. Alternate visits with old Thai, Chinese and Indian rituals. Then, courtesy of your Capella Culturist, relish monk-led meditation. Sample a show-stealing nine-course tasting menu, come nightful, followed by drinks and live music at the ambient Stella Bar.


Enveloped as part of the Chao Phraya Estate, the hotel enjoys a high-end riverside spot. The city’s bustling Old Town district is easily reached on foot. Meanwhile, the Capella Bangkok Mercedes is on-hand for the 40-minute airport transfer.


Only 101 stays make up the spacious property. Of these, the Veranda Rooms and Riverside Villas stand out most, with their airy outdoor nooks and private pools. Design within all abodes is sleek, featuring muted tones in a palette of grey, beige and soft gold.

Who is it for

The refined charm here is perfect for couples, but that’s not to say children can’t be accommodated too. Expect to find varied activites suited to all ages.

Amenities & Activities

Waterfront Phra Nakhon honours local family recipes, but Côte by Mauro Colagreco is the urban resort’s pride and joy, led by three-Michelin starred talent. Dining aside, recreation comprises a scenic swimming pool, gym and eclectic spa. Guests are also assigned a Capella Culturist. This activity guru will ensure highly personalised days.

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