Elafiti Islands Karaka Ship Cruise

Sail your way through the 16th century, on an island voyage to historic shores. Aboard a traditional Karaka ship, the ambience is majestic and raw. The sea breeze thrills and refreshes. The sun caresses your skin and makes you feel at home.

Enjoy breakfast at your hotel, before a private transfer whisks you away to the port. Climb onto a vessel that’s exclusively yours for the day, and throw caution to the Croatian wind. The gems of the Elafiti archipelago comprise Lopud, Šipan and Koločep. On each of these Mediterranean islands adventure awaits.

Lopud is renowned for its soft, sandy beaches. Smallest of the three, Koločep is great to replenish and unwind. Meanwhile, Šipan holds a record for the quantity of its olive trees. Immerse yourself in pristine nature. Explore rustic villas and gardens seeping with charm. These isles are a favourite among the locals. On a day trip like this, it’s easy to see why.

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