Enchanting Segovia - Hot Air Balloon Ride


Admire a horizon of ancient architecture from the air, on a hot air balloon ride over picturesque Segovia. As green and cream shades unravel below you, relish the unique perspective and landscape patterns that come with an immersive bird’s eye.

The experience begins with a personal pick-up. Depart from your hotel in Madrid prior to sunrise, before arriving at the launch site and watching the crew inflate. As you climb aboard your private basket, the sound of the burner startles and excites. Butterflies eagerly invade your stomach. Seconds later, the basket lifts effortlessly off the ground.

Higher and higher you float at a slow but thrilling pace, until you are completely engulfed by the fine mist of clouds. By now the rest of the world beneath has turned miniscule. Even the medieval palace of Segovia appears, stunning and small. Savour an hour-long flight over charming countryside. Traditional snacks and specialties await you upon your descent.

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