Sensational Glacier Express Ride


Savour a panoramic journey through the glory of the Swiss Alps, as you recline in luxury aboard the Glacier Express. This is a state-of-the-art rail network built between mountains. Remarkable Alpine landscapes have never been more in reach.

On this timeless train experience, you will meander over 291 bridges. A total of 91 tunnels also adorn the ride. The entire trip lasts approximately 8 hours, from vibrant Zermatt to quaint St. Moritz or the other way around. A picturesque 291km distance is yours to relish, with a route that captures the spoils of Endagine and takes you past the Matterhorn.

And why not elevate the excursion in the elite new Excellence Class? Unobstructed window seats are just the beginning, for it is here that sensual bliss meets an exclusive concierge. Expect exceptional service and entertainment at the private bar, while a personal travel guide keeps your curiosity quenched. Specialty champagne, amuse-bouches and five exquisite courses handle the rest, on this relaxing and equally dazzling moving attraction.

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