Insightful Salzburg Beer Tour at Stiegl Brauwelt


The largest privately owned brewery in Austria expects your exploration, for within this large house of liquid there is much to unfold. Venture into an interactive world of beer and learn about the process. Dive into the history of production, its biggest challenges and rewards.

This is a half day tour designed for beer lovers, but you don’t have to be a fanatic drinker to appreciate the craft. Founded back in 1492, the Stiegl Brauwelt is an ancient Salzburg treasure. As much a tasting as it is a lesson in heritage, a multi-sensory experience awaits you, as you journey on through taste, smell and touch.

Discover the level of creativity needed to run the in-house brewery, as you observe the master brewer in this exclusive behind-the-scenes peak. Witness 90,000 flasks filled by the hour in the bottling plant beside your zealous guide, before uncovering the insights that hide in the Stiegl-Brau Cinema and immersive Stiegl Museum. Finally, sit down to dine in the ambient beer garden, where amid the factory’s typical house specialties, original beer cocktails and traditional Austrian treats also start to arrive.

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