Minaret Station Alpine Lodge

Tomáš Safarik

Private Consultant
"Only accessible by helicopter, this exclusive four-suite hotel creates a private outdoor playground. Few places in the world compare to Minaret Station. It’s an absolutely remote and exclusive getaway, with incredible activities and food, in the most remarkable location, with hardly any other guests"

Stay at the Minaret Station

From the helicopter you gawp at South Island landscapes. Peaks soar above beech forests. Glaciers carve routes between mountains. Wilderness unfolds and there’s not a single road in sight. Touching down at Minaret Station you absorb the surroundings, from this exclusive four-suite lodge only accessible by helicopter. It’s tranquil, unpretentious, dominated by nature and the true Kiwi experience. An outdoor playground awaits, exclusively for Minaret’s small handful of guests. But first, let’s eat. On an extravagant local meal from these surroundings. Don’t be surprised at the decadence, because surprises are what make your stay at New Zealand’s most exclusive hotel.


This is the only hotel in New Zealand inaccessible by roads. But Minaret Station is actually very easy to reach. It’s a 25-minute helicopter flight from Queenstown, which has domestic flight connections to most major New Zealand cities. It’s a similar distance from Wanaka. The location is unrivalled, nothing but raw nature stretching for many kilometres in every direction.


The style is understated, with wooden alpine architecture and none of the bling you may expect from such an exclusive lodge. Space is what you will have in abundance. There are only four private chalets, with lounge areas, an inclusive minibar, a wooden deck with hot tub, and dramatic views into the valley.

Who is it for

Families of four can comfortably sleep in one chalet and all the activities are tailored, so people of all ages can be accommodated. However, we wouldn’t recommend it for young children, as a big attraction is all the experiences on offer. It’s better for couples or families with teenagers.

Amenities & Activities

Welcome to a private playground. Helicopter to a ridgetop for a champagne picnic or lamb barbecue. Go heli-skiing, fishing or mountain biking. Explore the great outdoors New Zealand is known for, without a single other person on the same trail. When you’re tired your hot tub awaits. And when you’re hungry get ready to fall in love, because Minaret Station is paradise for foodies. The menu changes based on what’s been caught or slaughtered that day, from the working farm, alpine rivers and nearby West Coast ocean waters.

Do you like Minaret Station?

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