Kasiiya Papagayo

Tomáš Safarik

Private Consultant
"An outstanding eco-resort that challenges any perception that eco resorts cannot provide modern luxury. With just nine tented suites, it’s a beautifully quiet and boutique place for couples and nature lovers, with a spectacular Pacific Ocean beach."

Stay at the Kasiiya Papagayo

Waves swell gently in the Pacific. Sand feels soft between your toes. Verdant green forest rises behind you and is that a monkey you hear? You realise there’s nobody else on the beach. Ah, Papagayo. Paradise? This remote Pacific beach location certainly is private. You’ve travelled off the path and off the grid. Welcome to safari-style living in a wild and wonderful place.This is a boutique eco resort but eliminate any negative perceptions you may have about boutique eco resorts. Kasiiya is pure high-end quality, with a very sustainable outlook and practices. With just nine rooms on 123 acres of wild beachfront forest, it’s a low-key property for those who value space and privacy over a wide range of amenities.


On a private peninsula of indigenous forest and golden sands, Kasiiya’s remote location is central to its appeal. You need a 4WD vehicle or boat to get here and there are no other resorts or even buildings nearby. From Liberia Airport it’s a 45-minute drive.


No cement was used in constructing the resort and not a single tree was chopped down. The results are spectacular. Romantic suites enveloped by nature, with expansive terraces and lots of space. Walls and ceilings are made from canvas, which only heightens the connection with nature. Laughing Whale suites are on the clifftop and are the most private, plus provide the best views. Families may prefer the Lazy Turtle or Floating Bird suites directly on the beach.

Who is it for

Couples who want a lot of privacy and anyone who loves nature. Don’t stay at Kasiiya if you need a full array of amenities. In general it’s not ideal for families, although it can work for older children. Mostly, this is a boutique retreat for couples who want something very unique.

Amenities & Activities

Do you need more than a monkey-filled forest and a beach that you only share with 12 other guests? Nature is the amenity here and you can explore with hiking, kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving and boat trips. There’s no pool, but a small spa and wellness centre, plus two low-key restaurants.

Do you like Kasiiya Papagayo?

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