Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses

Tomáš Safarik

Private Consultant
"Breathtakingly unique in style and character, these tree houses provide five-star sustainable luxury, in a splendid location. It’s quite off the beaten path and extremely memorable. You won’t have stayed in accommodation like this before."

Stay at the Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses

Gaze out from your treehouse, across kanuka trees to wild mountain ranges and the Pacific coast. Now gaze around your accommodation, a piece of art sculpted sustainably from recycled timber. All the furniture is custom designed, from sustainably sourced and recycled local wood. It’s true New Zealand and that continues with the service - laid-back, knowledgeable, charismatic and unpretentious. You feel part of your environment and that’s the real beauty here, this powerful sense of place that could be nowhere else.


Kaikoura is the premier whale watching destination in a country known for its whale watching. Hapuku Lodge & Tree Houses are located ten minutes outside the town, on a large deer farm. Pacific Ocean waves are within earshot and the rugged Kaikoura mountain ranges unfold behind you.


These treehouses are like something from childhood imagination and it’s amazing the level of luxury inside. They feel like a bedroom in the sky. You really are sleeping in a cosy and intimate room on stilts, ten metres above the ground. The lodge’s owners are architects and everything has been built sustainably. Two treehouses are made for families, with a second bedroom amid the lower forest branches. The lodge also offers suites and rooms in separate buildings, but we don’t recommend them, as they lack Hapuku’s core appeal. The tree houses are the main reason you want to stay here.

Who is it for

Design lovers, sustainable travellers, couples and families. It’s unique and highly distinctive, for every age of explorer. Just note how Hapuku Lodge & Tree Houses is really very specific, so adjust your expectations away from traditional hotels.

Amenities & Activities

Kaikoura is an explorer’s destination, with whale watching the unmissable highlight. There’s a lot to do in the mountains and along the coast, so the hot tub, sauna and lap pool will provide calming downtime when back at the lodge.

Do you like Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses?

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